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Browse full-color magazines with your computer or mobile device! Zinio works on Windows and Mac computers, Apple iPhones and iPads, Android devices, and more.


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Help & Common Questions

  • Zinio User Guide (PDF), and Zinio Support Help webpage

  • What magazines are available?
    See the list of the 40+ magazines the library subscribes to (below).

  • Are the magazines free?
    Yes! Zinio also has a paid subscription service, so the interface can be confusing. You will never have to pay to read a library magazine.

  • Can I read library magazines on my mobile device?
    Yes! You can browse for titles using the Zinio online collection page in your device's web browser, and then read your magazines in the Zinio app. Any title checked out to your account will appear in the app.

  • How do I get the app?
    Links to download apps are at the very bottom Zinio online collection page.

  • Do I really need to sign in twice?
    Yes. Checking out magazines is a two-step process, and you'll need to sign in with your username and password both times. We recommend using the same username/password when setting up both accounts.

  • I didn't receive my confirmation e-mail.
    Check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still didn't receive the email, contact the Reference Desk at or 978-256-5521 x211.

  • How do I stop getting promotional e-mails?
    If you are receiving unwanted email vouchers and promotions from the commercial site, there are multiple locations where you need to update your settings to NOT receive these solicitations. You'll need to opt-out on both online and mobile app account settings.
    • Online account - under account settings, select Preferences, and un-check LET ZINIO DECIDE and other update settings, click save changes.
    • Mobile apps - for EACH MOBILE APP, update preferences to un-check the email notification and marketing updates.


List of Available Zinio Magazines

  • Check our Perodicals List webpage for titles with "Zinio" listed in the Source column, or for the "Read with Zinio" link in the Electronic column!