Language Learning & Non-English Resources

The following links are resources recommended by the Chelmsford Public Library for its patrons; listed first are resources available through the library, and at the bottom of the page are additional suggested resources that are available free on the internet.

Online Resources Available from the Chelmsford Library

Provided by the Chemlsford Public Library - Chemlsford Patrons Only Rocket Languages
Access: [ In Library & At Home ]
Presents a multi-faceted comprehensive method (video, audio, games, quizzes, etc) for learning conversational language skills, including grammar and culture lessons, with both online and downloadable learning options. Languages include: French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, English (from Spanish), American Sign Language.
  • Subjects: Languages

Conversation Circles & Other Groups

The Chelmsford Library, as well as other libraries in the area, offer informal groups for people learning languages. These do change over time, so please check our event calendar or contact the library in question for meeting times.

  • Chelmsford Library - English, French, Chinese
  • Memorial Hall Library, Andover - English. Contact Carolyn Fantini at 978-475-4602
  • Groton Public Library - Spanish. Contact Judy Giger,, 978-448-1167
  • Nashua Public Library - Lithuanian, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish. Contact Carol Eyman at (603) 589-4610 or

Print, Audio, and Video Materials Available in the Library

We have books, audiobooks, and videos on learning languages, as well as dictionaries and travel phrase books.

  • Books and Videos - Adult items are in the Language Learning section on the main level, at call number Language/400-499; Childrens books are in the Childrens Room at J/400-J/499. Common languages are located at:
    • English: 420's
    • German: 430's
    • French: 440's
    • Italian: 450's
    • Spanish & Portuguese: 460's
    • Latin: 470's
    • Greek: 480's
    • Other European Languages: 491
    • Arabic: 492
    • Asian Languages: 495

  • Audiobooks - Adult audiobooks are shelved alphabetically by language in the Language Learning section on the main level

  • New Reader & Easy Reader Books - for learning/practicing English
    • New Reader books are adult classics rewritten at a beginner's reading level. The call numbers start with NR/ and they are shelved together in the Language Learning section on the main level
    • Great Illustrated Classics are also adult classics rewitten at a lower reading level. They are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name in the Children's Room
    • Easy Reader books are childrens picture books designed to help build language and reading skills. The call numbers start with ER/ and they are shelved in the Early Reader section of the Children's Room

Other Suggested Resources

American Sign Language/ASL The resources below offer courses or other information on learning American Sign Language. These groups schedule their own courses, and may charge fees. Languages and ESL