The Chelmsford Genealogy Club presents
Laura Prescott's program,
" Using Our Nation's Library Online"
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 7 p.m.

One of the most rewarding, yet overlooked, free resources online is, the website for Library of Congress. Explore maps, diaries, books, manuscripts, photos, and many more treasures from our nation’s history. It’s much cheaper than a trip to Washington, DC, yet more rewarding than many of the sites genealogists typically use, as it provides a dimension of social history to your research. Visits to will immerse you in U.S. history, with national treasures as the lure.

Laura G. Prescott is a professional researcher, writer, and speaker. She worked for the New England Historic Genealogical Society for seven years before starting her own research business. Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, she has lived in New England for over thirty-five years.
Laura graduated with a B.A. in History from Dartmouth College in 1980, ultimately putting her degree to good use over a decade later when she discovered a latent passion for genealogy.
Laura is past president of the Association of Professional Genealogists and a consultant for She lectures and writes for national audiences on a variety of genealogical topics. Her specialties include the use of manuscripts in genealogical research, genealogy on the internet, online military records, and merging history with genealogy. Her articles have appeared in Ancestry, New England Ancestors, Genealogical Computing, NGS NewsMagazine, and Digital Genealogist.