June 2013 --"Waters"
The Art of Carj'an
Reception: Sat. June 8, 2013 from 2-4 p.m.
Music by pianists Fangru Jiang, Jeffrey Rong, Amanda Li and Victoria Lee

Artist/Photographer/Designer ~ Carj`an -Artist's Statement:
Born in Boston, my first five years were spent living at my grandparents' spacious home with three sets of cousins. We would run and sneak into my grandparent’s enormous basement design studio to peek at the beautiful garments and hand embroidered bead work they made, loving nothing better than to watch them create from almost nothing – pure magic to young eyes. I too wanted to create that magic. Before learning how, I moved to Chelmsford with my author parents and only years later did I discover my inheritance: the creative drive of my Grandparents nurtured by the wonder, freedom and love of my earliest years.

Artistic endeavors began in Chelmsford Junior High in the form of black & white ink scratch art and black & white photography began in CHS; whose Work Study Program provided experience at a dental lab honing the craftsmanship and manufacturing of physical pieces. Further creative development took place post-graduation, while attending college working at O’Mahoney’s Photography Studio in Boston.

From Boston I went to LA and expanded creatively adding: jewelery design to my artist/photographer/designer mix to encompass creations of unique and specific pieces for private labels in the jewelery, garment and music industries; as well as stylized, directed and produced photo shoots and fashion shows; in addition, collaborative works as Creative Director with Photography Studios, Steve Galeener Studios and Bill Knapp Studios.
Almost a decade at Walt Disney Studios afforded privileged insight into the intricate workings of feature films and creative collaboration on Award-winning projects on a large scale, as well as invaluable experience (Events Director & Special Commissions) on commissioned and special projects for Roy E. Disney and Jeffery Katzenberg.

More recently I was commissioned to create images and design especially for the publishing industry with the newest projects of “The StoryBook” and “Moonlit Bay” release dates summer and fall of this year 2013. ~c


My deep love of nature and treasured relationships with its intrinsic life led me to select from my archives a range of “Waters.”  As fluid and transitional as this element of water is and what it represents, it does symbolize my journey from the East to the West flowing back to the grounding earth of New England. So inspired by the abundance of lush greens, colors, trees, wild life, this land’s beauty, it evokes the desire in me to capture as many moments as possible and share my own perspective of the beauty I behold.

There is a connection, a story, behind the subjects I choose for my images ~     so here are a few, behind the image: “Short Tail” and “Gorgeous Boy” are both wild children of nature and my friends. Short Tail, a little gray squirrel, sustained an injury leaving her with a short tail.  With plenty of food and water, a little time and persistence, she trusted my intentions. When fully recovered, she’d be at the back door every day.  If she didn’t see me through the glass, she’d sit in the chair on the deck and wait for me.  If I didn’t see her, I’d call her name and she’d come.  One winter day after a storm, I didn’t see Short Tail and called for her. To my surprise, she popped up in the snow; so precious, that was a moment.
Gorgeous Boy, a wild ring-necked pheasant, came running over to me out from the tree line. He showed up early one morning this past winter and stayed ‘til our last storm.  Trust was immediate; he followed me everywhere. So of course, he needed a name, this absolutely gorgeous and smart boy. He would knock on the door, truly, if I wasn’t there or come up on the roof to my window and call for me.  If I didn’t see him, I’d call him by name and he would come running.  Amazingly trusting gorgeous creature, I couldn’t help but name him Gorgeous Boy.  He would come for the company just as much as he would to eat; this is one of our conversations.

“Pelican’s at Point Dume” and “Laguna Spray” are two of my most favorite places in California.  Late in the day, I’d go to Malibu to Point Dume and hang out on the beach when most people where gone.  A haze from the temperature change of the day would come over the area and the pelicans would fly in and hang out too.  Often, the dolphins would swim by and say hi.  After one of our hangouts, it was time to go.
Laguna Niguel, love it, love it; creative soul, breathtaking, the hills and shoreline.  This area is on the opposite side of a private cove I’d go to for a few days at a time, whenever I needed to shake off the dust of LA.  Enjoying the ocean breeze and watching the waves, seagulls and seals as a few dolphins pass by.  Here is one of those times.

Visit the artist's website at http://carjan.com/biz