Accidents / Incidents

  Whenever a patron or staff member is injured in an accident in Library buildings or on Library grounds, the supervisor present should fill out an accident or incident report form and return it to the Director as soon as possible. Multiple copies of the accident report are kept at all public desks at the Main and MacKay Branch Libraries and in the Office. If a staff member is injured, there is a second report form for the Mass.
Division of Industrial Accidents, which the Town mails within 48 hours of the injury or diagnosis of occupational illness.


  Any time an incident occurs in the Library or on Library grounds, of which a staff member feels the Director should be aware, an incident report form should be submitted. An “incident” may range from a patron complaint to deviant or criminal behavior.

If deviant sexual or criminal behavior is reported by staff by a patron (or if staff witnesses this behavior), the police should be called immediately. Names and phone numbers of witnesses should be recorded.

If a patron is upset, staff should remain calm and supportive. Do not interrogate the person, but escort her/him to a private office until the police arrive. An incident report form should be filled out immediately and sent to the Director.