Summer Reading 2013

Stop by the library to get your First Reading Log.
Then print out This Log to continue reading

If families spend 4000 hours reading this summer, the Friends of the Library will plant a fruit tree at Red Wing Farm in honor of the children who participated in the Summer Reading Program.

1st - Keep track of the time you spend reading.
If you need suggestions for books to read, we have ELEMENTARY SCHOOL READING LISTS.

2nd -Color an oval on the reading log for every 15 minutes you spend reading or listening to stories.
Return the logs to the library after you have colored all the ovals (12.5 hours). Please use more logs and continue reading.

3rd - Children who return a log before August 22 will receive a free ticket to the Pawtucket Red Sox game (in Pawtucket, Rhode Island) on Thursday, August 29.

4th - Bring your reading log to your school at the beginning of September for a prize.


SCHOOL ALERT for Chelmsford public school students: Children entering grade 5 have required reading this year, and the requirements for children entering grade 6 have changed. For more information, visit the Chemsford Public Schools' summer reading page.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The Reading Logs we use during Summer Reading are brought to us by the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

The plastic bags you get when you register, and the special programs during the summer, are paid for by the Chelmsford Friends of the Library.