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Town Election April 6, 2010

   Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

electioninfoChelmsford's 2010 Town Election is on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010.

Polls will be open 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

A specimen ballot [pdf] is available for review, and there are both open positions and one question:

Question 1:

Shall the Town of Chelmsford be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to acquire found parcels of land, containing a total of 16.97 acres, more or less, and the 92,844 +/- square-foot building thereon located at 9 Alpha Road in Chelmsford, and to fund the design and the redevelopment of the land and building into a Department of Pubic Works facility?


  • Selectman
  • School Committee
  • Sewer Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Town Meeting Representative
  • Library Trustee
  • Constable
  • Housing Authority
  • Board of Health
  • Cemetery Commission

The Town of Chelmsford's voter information webpage has the list of polling locations [pdf] and the precinct list by street [pdf]. For more information, residents should contact the Town Clerk's office.

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US Senate Special Election

   Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

electioninfoThe Special Election to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Edward Kennedy begins with the primary elections on December 8th. The general election will be held on January 19th.

An article in the Chelmsford Independent reviews the candidates and their positions.

The Town of Chelmsford has a special election website, with links to registration information, a request for an absentee ballot [pdf], and a specimen ballot [pdf]. The Town's voter information webpage has the list of polling locations [pdf] the precinct list by street [pdf].

For more information, residents can contact the Town Clerk's office.

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Special Town Election: October 6th, 2009

   Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

Town of Chelmsford sealThere is a Special Town Election scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th, 2009.

The two ballot questions are below (view entire Oct. 6 Warrant):

  1. Department of Public Works Facility - view presentation
  2. Fire Station Headquarters - view presentation

Voting locations are:

Precincts 1 & 9 Town Office Building Gym, 50 Billerica Road
Precincts 2 & 3 Harrington School Gym, 120 Richardson Road
Precincts 4 & 6 Westlands School Cafeteria, 170 Dalton Road
Precincts 5 Byam School Cafeteria, 25 Maple Road
Precincts 7 & 8 Mccarthy School Gym, 250 North Road

For more information on this election or registering to vote, please visit the Town of Chelmsford website.

Update - Results:
Unofficial Results from the Town Clerk's office

  • Question 1 (DPW), defeated 3,573-2,934 with 6,532 ballots cast
  • Question 2 (Fire Station), defeated 3,790-2,747 with 6546 ballots cast

Read more at the Chelmsford Independent

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Town Election: April 7, 2009

   Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

Town of Chelmsford sealThe Chelmsford Town Election is on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009.

The Town of Chelmsford's Voter Information webpage has the information Chelmsford residents need to know before vote on Tuesday:

In addition, the Chelmsford Independent published an introduction to all of the Town Meeting Representative Candidates. These were written by the candidates, to introduce themselves and explain their positions.

Be sure to review the candidates and positions before casting your vote on Tuesday. For additional voter information, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 978-250-5205.

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Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 4th

   Thursday, October 30th, 2008 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

Voter InformationDon't forget that election day this year is Tuesday, November 4th.

To find out exactly what will be on your ballot, the MA Secretary of State - Elections Division has created a Ballot Information webpage - just enter your street address, and it will produce the ballot options you will see on Tuesday.

Their form will also provide your voting location, based on your address. The Town of Chelmsford also has precinct listings and polling locations available on the Town's Voter Information webpage.

Another new website this year is http://www.imagineelection.com, which also lists ballot information by street address. By reviewing your choices, you can research the candidates and issues before election day, so your vote can really speak for your preferences.

To find information on the candidates and issues, here are a few web resources that should help:

Election/Voting Resources:

Campaign Monitoring:

Chelmsford One BookAnd Don't Forget:
Nov. 4th is also the day to vote for your choice of One Book Chelmsford 2009 - the three candidates are listed on the One Book Chelmsford webpage, which is also where you'll be able to vote online on Nov. 4th. be sure to cast your vote to pick the One Book all of Chelmsford will read in 2009 - and check back on Nov. 5th for the winner!

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