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Get a Free Home Heat Loss Evaluation

   Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

Seal of the Town of ChelmsfordThe Town of Chelmsford's Office of Recycling / Waste is working with Sagewell, a local Massachusetts energy efficiency company, to bring home energy audits to Chelmsford. This energy scan is free to the public, and will help indicate to home and building owners if they are losing money by having heat escape their home/building.

Because of the predicted "cold snap" next week, Sagewell will be conducting their audits then. If you're interested, you must sign up before Saturday, March 24th.

For more information, visit http://www.sagewell.com/chelmsford or read the Office of Recycling / Waste's press release on this program [pdf]. Or, contact Jennifer Almeida, Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator at jalmeida@townofchelmsford.us or 978-250-5203.

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The Library is Going Solar

   Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 - by: Brian Herzog, Head of Reference

solarpanelEarly next week, crews will begin installing solar panels on the roof of the Library!

As reported in April in the Chelmsford Independent, the Town chose to install solar panels on the Library not only to save money, but also to help inform the public on the benefits of solar energy. The article quoted Chelmsford Director of Public Facilities Gary Persichetti saying,

"We decided to go with the library because [panels] will also be a teaching tool. People will go there and look at them. It’s also the perfect building because the library is currently doing seminars on energy conservation."

And thanks to grants and rebates from National Grid, state and federal sources, the cost for the Town is exceptionally low. Usually, solar panels take at least 5 years to pay for themselves. However, the Library's 47 solar panels will start providing a cost savings during the very first year.

Installation is scheduled to being on October 13th, and expected to last a few weeks (depending on weather). The panels themselves are designed to last 30 years, but the Library is getting started right away with educational programming. The Clean and Green program series continues on November 7th with a Home Energy Savings Seminar, and more events will follow.

After the solar panels are installed, the Library will have a public kiosk with energy-related information, featuring real-time information on how the solar panels are doing. The display will indicate how much energy the panels are producing, the temperature on the roof, and other statistics.

For more information on the solar panels or energy conservation, please contact the Library's Reference Desk at askus@mvlc.org or 978-256-5521 x211.

[Solar panel image provided by http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/ / CC BY 2.0]

UPDATE 1/10/09: Check out photos and specifications of our system at http://www.chelmsfordlibrary.org/library_info/solar.html

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