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More Ereaders Support for Overdrive Ebooks

Chelmsford patrons can use the library's subscription to Overdrive to download and read ebooks - and the service just got better.

Overdrive recently announced that their ebooks will now work on both the Borders Kobo eReader and the Pandigital Novel.

Kobo eReader
Kobo eReader
Pandigital Novel
Pandigital Novel

If you've been thinking about buying an ereader for yourself, Overdrive lists all of the devices they support - which means you'll have access to all of the ebooks available through the Chelmsford Library. We also have a list of other places you can download ebooks.

And remember, Overdrive has downloadable audiobooks too!

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Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 1:01 pm and is filed under Books, Overdrive.

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