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Food Question

Road Trip! – Where are the culinary hotspots in New England?

If you like to cook (and eat!) there isn’t much that’s more fun than visiting a food-related business. Many companies have become destinations in and of themselves, where you can tour the production area, sample what’s being made, and buy items to take home. Smaller producers, in particular, tend to have limited distribution; so the [...]

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

At our last Bibliobites meeting someone mentioned buying decaffeinated coffee beans.

How do they decafinate the whole bean? How does this effect the flavor of the coffee?

Ground Cherries

At the Chelmsford Farmers Market on Thursday I bought ground cherries aka husk cherries. They have a papery husk like a tomatillo.

They were sweet to eat raw. Are there ways to use them in cooking? What kind of a fruit/vegetable is it?

How do I add other book recommendations for August

Hi, Not a story but a question on how to provide a comment for August on other books on Vegetables.

I wanted to recommend two cookbooks from the owner of Earthbound Farm Organic. The book titles both by Myra Goodman are “Food to Live By” and “The Earth-Bound Cook”. She and her husband own Earthbound [...]

Time of Meeting on May 30

Barbara just sent out an email about the next meeting and noted the time for Friday May 30th at 10am. all other meetings on Fridays have been at 11am; is this a change or just was the wrong time noted?

Question about kids in the kitchen

QUESTION: What are some suggestions for kids who like to cook?

My son 11 soon to be 12 is an excellent cook! Very adventurous you might say. Fearless about eating or cooking new things. He is frustrated with the lack of healthy cooking sites geared towards kids like him. Any suggestions [...]

Question about Pre-fermenting bread

QUESTION: I am confused about the difference between a biga, a poolish and a pate fermentee – how are they used in baking bread and are they easy for the home cook to try?

ANSWER by Debbie: This was a very interesting question to research. Thank you for asking. A wide array of methods to [...]