Book Discussion – The Summer Shack Cookbook by Jasper White




June’s Bibliobites title was The Summer Shack Cookbook by Jasper White. Reviews were decidedly mixed! People mentioned that they liked some of the recipes they tried, but not enough to make them again. Some participants also said they already had recipes they loved for some of the classic fish dishes in [...]

BIBLIOBITES IN MAY – Eating and writing!

May’s Bibliobites group read Garlic and Sapphires by bestselling author and former New York Times food critic Ruth Reichl.

Everyone said they loved the book and many revisited her two memoirs – Tender at the Bone and Comfort me with Apples. Some even went on to read her new fiction title Delicious – published in [...]

Time of Meeting on May 30

Barbara just sent out an email about the next meeting and noted the time for Friday May 30th at 10am. all other meetings on Fridays have been at 11am; is this a change or just was the wrong time noted?

Question about kids in the kitchen

QUESTION: What are some suggestions for kids who like to cook?

My son 11 soon to be 12 is an excellent cook! Very adventurous you might say. Fearless about eating or cooking new things. He is frustrated with the lack of healthy cooking sites geared towards kids like him. Any suggestions [...]

Question about Pre-fermenting bread

QUESTION: I am confused about the difference between a biga, a poolish and a pate fermentee – how are they used in baking bread and are they easy for the home cook to try?

ANSWER by Debbie: This was a very interesting question to research. Thank you for asking. A wide array of methods to [...]