Book Discussions


Turkey Treason

This Thanksgiving, I will once again commit a most treasonous act, a vile deed that strikes at the very heart of one of our most sacred holiday traditions. I confess: I do not bring my holiday turkey to the table in all its glorious goldenness, proud on a platter. I do not, and cannot, […]

Bibliobites in October: Make it Ahead….or Not?

For anyone who’s ever stared into their refrigerator at 6 PM after a long day at work and wondered what on earth they would eat for dinner, the appeal of planning ahead is undeniable. This book promises to provide strategies that will enable us to quickly produce a from-scratch meal at the end of […]

Bibliobites in September: Behind the Swinging Doors

After taking the summer off, we reconvened on a sunny September day to discuss Michael Gibney’s action-packed, adrenaline-fueled memoir describing 24 hours in the kitchen of an upscale Manhattan restaurant. Gibney’s account is both affectionate and unsparing, and he creates a vivid sense of place, that feeling that “you are there.” As always, there […]

September Selection

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a restaurant kitchen? While you sit at your table, sipping your wine and chatting with friends, a noisy and frantic ballet is happening behind those swinging doors. Sous Chef gives us a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly that transpires on any given […]

Bibliobites in June: D-I-Y Dairy: Buttery, Cheesy, Creamy Goodness

As we learned this month, many dairy products are among the easiest foods to make yourself; and reading Home Dairy by Ashley English inspired us to make some “basics” that we usually buy. Yogurt, butter, fresh cheeses like paneer, ice cream, and ricotta all contain the simplest of ingredients, and require only the simplest […]

Bibliobites in May: Breakfast Is Served!

This month’s Bibiliobites meeting found us exploring that most important meal of the day, breakfast! Our two main selections were comprehensive tomes that covered the full range of possibilities for breakfast, from savory to sweet and everything in between. A Real American Breakfast was an enjoyable read for many, as it had numerous entertaining […]

Bibliobites in April: Cuisine/Culture

As spring reluctantly arrived in our corner of the world, we took a short digression into the world of fiction with Nicole Mones’ The Last Chinese Chef. We didn’t really stray far, however, since this book is firmly rooted in the cuisine of China and its indelible connection to Chinese culture. The story concerns […]

Bibliobites in March: Hola Mexico!

This month we explored the cuisine of Mexico with two of Rick Bayless’ books. Bayless is a nationally known expert on authentic Mexican cooking, having written several books on the subject; he also operates four restaurants in the Chicago area and stars in an eponymous PBS television show. He’s a busy, busy guy! […]

Bibliobites in February: Culinary Crossroads

This month we explored the cuisine of Armenia (tying in with our One Book title, The Sandcastle Girls), and by extension, the Middle East. This was unfamiliar turf for most of us, and we were introduced to new spices, flavor combinations, and cooking techniques. Our Armenian cooking focused on kufta, which are as […]

Bibliobites in January: Soup’s On!

To paraphrase cookbook author Ken Haedrich, in winter only serious soup will do! We gathered post-blizzard to discuss Anna Thomas’ Love Soup, a collection of vegetarian soup recipes. Reviews were generally mixed: definite high points, but some lows as well. Many recipes were tried; among those that were liked best are Pickle Soup (yes, it […]