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Tis the season for cookies!

Do you have your favorite tried and true cookie recipes?  The ones you bring out every year.  How about trying something new this year? Perhaps a recipe you have always wanted to try, a gluten free recipe or perhaps a vegan cookie?  November is still early and if you begin baking now, you just may enter the holiday season with a freezer full of cookies.

For November/December we have selected 5 cookie cookbooks for you to choose from. But don’t limit yourself to one.

Cookie KA         cookiesR        cookiesMH       CookieGF       cookiesV


We are holding some copies for you at the circulation desk.  If your selection is all checked out, please ask us to put a hold on it for you.

Please note this meeting is a combined November/December meeting and will take place on

December 5th in the Fireplace Room at 11 a.m.

In addition to sharing cookie stories, we will also be offering a cookie exchange for anyone who chooses to participate.  The guidelines are simple. Bring 4 dozen cookies and we will divide up the cookies at the meeting.

We are always welcoming new cooks to our group. Join us for the conversation even if you don’t get a chance to cook. It is always fun and informative.

Enjoy and Happy Baking.