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How do I add other book recommendations for August

Not a story but a question on how to provide a comment for August on other books on Vegetables.

I wanted to recommend two cookbooks from the owner of Earthbound Farm Organic. The book titles both by Myra Goodman are “Food to Live By” and “The Earth-Bound Cook”. She and her husband own Earthbound Farm Organic in California. The first book I originally checked out from the library and bought it and then Amazon recommended the second when it was published.
Not all the recipes are for vegetables. One of my favorite to take to a pot luck in the summer is the Corn and Black Bean Salad.


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  • Carole,
    Thank you for your recommendations. The upcoming book discussion does not have a place for comments. Posting your recommendations to “Ask us…” works because we will add your recommendations to the current page and also be sure to include your recommendations in the August blog. This way people will be able to refer back to your recommendations in the future. The upcoming book group page is completely changed each month.

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